The Pretty Crabby Process

Mark hard at work

"Charlotte and Mark and all the other people involved in the making of this video did a crazy great job making this little crab come to life for me"

There's never a dull day at Good Cop Bad Cop. Even if you're tasked with some boring admin, there's always something new and exciting to get your teeth sunk into a few hours later.

And whilst we might work unconventional hours, we always produce great quality work, which our collaboration with children's musician Caspar Babypants shows. After producing the video for his song Stompy The Bear, Caspar (whose real name is Chris Ballew, of rock band Presidents of the United States of America), Caspar approached us again to produce the video for his latest single, Pretty Crabby. We got to work immediately.

We immediately set out with the vision to create something eye catching and colourful, and that truly shows in the final product. To get us started though, we first needed to bring Pretty Crabby to life. We did this using a metal crab skeleton which we then covered with a knitted exterior. 

To get the best final product possible, it was imperative that the world Pretty Crabby lives in felt immersive and real. We achieved this using a variety of techniques, most notably handmade scenery combined green screen background effects.

None of this would have been possible without our fantastic studio in Unity Works, Wakefield.  Why not pop in some time and see how we can help you bring your ideas to life?

 It was extremely well received by Caspar himself and all the doting children who watched, and continue to watch the video upon its release.