Long Division

Long Division Promoter, Dean Freeman along with his trusty cameraman Jeffery take us on a tour of Wakefield, showing us all the venues that are participating in the Long Division Fringe event. 

Trouble is, Wakefield is being evacuated as a giant monster takes over the city, destroying buildings and feasting on its inhabitants. Dean takes all this in his stride and leads the cameraman round regardless. As the films carries on they find themselves closer to danger as buildings crash around them

What our client had to say:

We were looking to create a promotional film for Long Division’s Fringe events, which are where all the quirky, interesting, unusual and arty goings-on fit in our weekend. Good Cop Bad Cop created an amazing piece of creative work from this most basic of briefs, one that represented what we were wanting to do, yet also completely stood up in its own right as a piece of art. We were hugely pleased with the results and professionalism of the team.